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 Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Life coach?

In times of crisis, we've all certainly felt the need to seek help from a professional and always saw many options but never understood the difference between them all. We're here to unravel this mystery and help you know the different types of professionals you can go to, when should you go to whom, and basically what to expect from the whole therapy journey! Make sure you remember that we're always here for you, you're not alone and these hard times shall pass. YOU CAN DO IT!

So let us explain the 3 main professionals you can go to for help:

The psychiatrist Is a doctor.
He is the only one who can prescribe medicine to work on the case. he can work with traumas in the past. Not all do this.

The psychologist:
He is a psychology graduate- works with past traumas via tools.

The Life coach:
Here works to guide u thru the present towards the future. This is guidance.

All can interrelate, but never in medicine.

Below is an easier and faster way to describe it.



What are mental disorders?



Mental Disorders



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