Ahmed Essam El Sayed

Ahmed Essam El Sayed
A stand up comedian with anxiety, a combination you'll rarely see! Ahmed was so generous with his time to entertain us with the nicest interview. Make sure you don't miss it!

Ahmed Fawzy
A Script writer and actor that lived his whole childhood with ADHD without realizing, only to discover that his son Asser has the same traits. Ahmed today is diagnosed with ADD. Watch his interview to learn more about his journey with both ADHD and ADD.

Ms. Gihan Sorour
A life coach, but also a writer who works with passion. She answers basic questions that you'll certainly be asking yourself if you're considering going to a life coach.

Dr Ibrahim El Kerdany
Not your typical interview, this one is directly from the heart. He's a psychiatrist that believe in talk therapy. There's no questions and answers, but rather advice and solutions that will surely brighten your day. Watch it with passion.

Marwa Mostafa
Marwa told us about her journey with Trichotillomania and how up until today she did not find a solution. She's surely a bundle of joy and you will enjoy every second of our talk with her.

Rasha Mohamed
A complete coincidence but it was definitely worth it! We learned so much about OCD with her and how she went from zero to hero.

Ms. Reda Soliman
Click here to watch our interview with Ms, Rasha Soliman, Psychosomatic disorder consultant at AASTMT - Smart Village Campus.

Rehab Mohamed
Rehab lived with ADHD her entire childhood but only found out about when she went to college. She's super interesting and informative. Make sure you watch her.

Ms. Soha Matar
An extremely interesting and informative interview that will surely teach your about therapy.

Dr Yasser El Shamy
A word from the Dean of student affairs in Smart Village Campus: Dr Yasser El Shamy